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  • Courteney Cox regrets succumbing to pressure to look young

    Actress Courteney Cox has admitted that she regrets succumbing to the pressure to look young in Hollywood. The former Friends star, 52, opened up about her changing appearance while joining adventurer Bear Grylls on a gruelling trip. In a video clip released from the show, Running Wild With Bear Grylls, the star said that she had seen “pretty mean” comments about the way she looks. The former Cougar Town actress said of looking young: “There’s a pressure to maintain that, not just because of fame. “Being a woman in this business... getting older is not the easiest thing. But I have learned lessons.” She added: “It’s something you can’t keep up with... Sometimes you find yourself trying and then

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  • A massive 'ghost' galaxy made of 99.99% dark matter has been discovered by astronomers

    A “ghost” galaxy almost completely made of dark matter – the mysterious unseen material that accounts for 27% of the universe – has been discovered by astronomers. Even though the massive galaxy, named Dragonfly 44, is relatively nearby in cosmological terms it is so faint that scientists missed it for decades. It was eventually identified last year in the Coma galaxy cluster, about 330 million light years away. Further study revealed that it was no ordinary collection of stars. Although Dragonfly 44 contains roughly same amount of mass as our own galaxy, the Milky Way – equivalent to a trillion suns – only one hundredth of one per cent of it is in the form of stars, dust, gas and other examples q
  • Tourist on 'retirement cruise' feels she is 'being held hostage' by Irish healthcare system

    An elderly American tourist feels like she is “being held hostage” by the Irish healthcare system after sustaining a serious injury in Cobh more than three weeks ago, writes Kelly O'Brien in Cork's Evening Echo. Retired lawyer Robyn Coyle has hit out at the “severe lack of communication” between doctors and patients, claims she still is not entirely sure what her injury is or what her treatment will be, and thinks facilities are of an unacceptable standard. The 66-year-old said that in three weeks she has not once been allowed to have her hair washed, and has not even had a ward TV to distract from her intense pain. Robyn came to Cork at the start of the month on a cruise ship, accompanied by q
  • UK ‘could stay in the EU’

    The UK could still end up staying in the EU if political events in Britain were to lead to a new leader of the opposition Labour Party, leading economist Jim Power has said. He said the probability that the UK will fail to trigger Article 50, which formally starts the clock on London disengaging from the union, stands at a significant 25%. That probability would rise steeply should Owen Smith become the new Labour leader because he would likely campaign for a new referendum for the UK to stay in the EU, he said. Presenting the Friends First annual economic outlook, Mr Power said it remains likely that UK prime minister Theresa May will use Article 50 next spring. However, the split will be a

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  • Conor McGregor will be ‘100% in one week’

    Conor McGregor’s coach has said that the Crumlin native will be fighting fit next week. John Kavanagh flew over to Las Vegas with the MMA star to support him in his fight against Nate Diaz. There were fears that the fighter might miss a potential fight in New York city at UFC205 after he received a six-month medical suspension because of a leg injury. However, when a fan asked if the 28-year-old will be out of the ring for long, the SBG coach insisted that Conor would be back in action in one week. The MMA coach shared the good news on Twitter. There were suggestions that the featherweight champion wanted another round with Nate but Kavanagh appeared to hint he would take on someone else first. q
  • New Rose of Tralee tight-lipped on thorny abortion questions

    The reality of what it means to be the Rose of Tralee only dawned on Maggie McEldowney when she saw the morning newspapers. Almost without exception they had her on the front cover. “Gosh,” she said looking at the sheaf of newspaper clippings, “I had no idea.” The Chicago Rose (27) is from the south side of that US city. Her paternal grandparents are from Maghera and Draperstown, Co Derry; her mother’s family are from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Her middle name and her mother’s maiden name are both Rose. Like the 2014 Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh two years ago, Ms McEldowney failed twice to be selected by her chosen centre before succeeding on the third time. She became involved in the Chicago

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  • Viewers complain Bear's tantrum in the Celebrity Big Brother award ceremony was significantly edited down

    It was award night in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which meant cheers, tears and tantrums. The six finalists voted for who they thought deserved each award, with each having to explain their reasoning. It was a pretty obvious selection of winners, but all hell broke loose when Frankie Grande was awarded most entertaining. The news did not go down with Stephen Bear, who clearly thought he deserved that title. In the episode, viewers saw Bear grab the winner’s sash, walk off and refuse to give it back. While the show showed a very small section of Bear’s tantrum, viewers who had watched the live show complained that he had a much longer, more childish tantrum about losing which saw Big Brother q
  • Couple who died on same day 45 years apart buried together after husband exhumed

    A husband and wife from the North who died on the same day 45 years apart have been buried together, after the widow passed away as his remains lay in a morgue following exhumation. Joseph Murphy, who was shot dead in the Troubles in the early 1970s, was exhumed last year by order of a coroner investigating the disputed circumstances of the killing. His widow Mary, 83, died on Monday after a battle with cancer as her husband's remains continued to lie in a Belfast morgue. It was the same date Mr Murphy died in 1971. He was one of 10 civilians shot dead by British soldiers in west Belfast in an incident known as the "Ballymurphy massacre". The victims, including a Catholic priest and a mother-of-eight, q
  • Kate Garraway leaves viewers perplexed after presenting Good Morning Britain in a pyjama top

    Was Kate Garraway running late for work this morning? Viewers were left confused when the Good Morning Britain presenter appeared on the show in what seemed to be a pyjama top. Co-host Ben Shephard even poked fun at Kate for failing to get dressed. But the 49-year-old defiantly called her outfit “PJ chic”, which is apparently all the rage. Huh? Viewers were perplexed. Not everyone was a fan. Although Kate’s choice may make others consider adopting PJ fashion… And yes, it IS officially a “pyjama shirt”. q
  • Irish schoolboy (12) dies in Spanish hospital after swimming incident

    An Irish schoolboy has died in hospital in Spain days after being rescued from a hotel swimming pool. The 12-year-old was rushed to Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona at about 4pm last Thursday after being revived by the poolside by lifeguards and local police at the hotel he was staying at with relatives in the Costa Brava resort of Lloret de Mar. Hospital sources said he had lost his fight for life after several days in intensive care. A well-placed source said the boy was swimming with a 14-year-old relative when she spotted him in difficulties and raised the alarm. “Other holidaymakers got him out of the water before the lifeguards rushed over and started to try to resuscitate him with the

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  • Government may increase property tax by 600% if USC is scrapped

    The Government has been warned it may have to increase property tax by 600% if it decides to scrap USC. The Department of Finance has been looking at ways to plug the gap in the tax take if it gets rid of the Universal Social Charge as promised. The department's brief, released under the freedom of information act, also contains a warning that the price of petrol, diesel or alcohol could go up, with an extra €1.50 in excise duty on every pint. Today's Irish Times has said a high earners levy is on the cards if the USC goes, but the briefing note calls it a progressive tax and claims its abolition would be regressive. q
  • Planet that may hold life found ‘nearby’

    A rocky planet that may harbour life has been discovered in another solar system just four light years from Earth, close enough to be reached by future space missions. The new world, slightly more massive than Earth, orbits Proxima Centauri, our closest stellar neighbour. In terms of astronomical distance, the planet known as Proxima b is right next door. Whether or not anything lives there remains open to speculation, but scientists believe that theoretically it could be habitable. While four light years is a long way — more than 25trn miles — the planet is near enough to be reached by space craft within the scale of human life times. Experts believe robotic probes could be sent to Proxima b

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  • Trump and Farage appear on the same stage and people think it means the apocalypse is coming

    Donald Trump invited Nigel Farage to speak at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi, and people reckon it’s a terrible premonition of what’s in store for us all. The former Ukip leader spent most of his speech praising the success of the Brexit campaign. He described it as a victory for the anti-establishment movement – something Trump has tried to tap into with his own campaign – saying: “Anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment.” Farage previously condemned Barack Obama’s decision to intervene in the EU referendum and urge Britons to vote Remain – which some people thought was a bit ironic. “I could not possibly tell you how to vote in this election,” q
  • Crackdown on puppy trafficking leads to seizure of 60 dogs

    A cross-border crackdown on illegal puppy trafficking from Ireland has resulted in around 60 puppies being seized in the last six weeks. The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals confirmed yesterday that, to date, five consignments of puppies were seized at ports in Ireland and Scotland. Law enforcement authorities took three consignments at the Scottish ferry port in Cairnryan, and two at Dublin Port. The surge in seizures follows the launch 18 months ago of Operation Delphin, a multi-agency initiative to end the illegal trade in puppies. Under the operation, investigators are using new powers to stop and search the vehicles of those it suspects of illegally trafficking puppies.

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  • New leak spells the end of 16GB iPhone

    A new leak indicates that Apple is finally killing off the 16GB iPhone. The new device will come with a minimum of 32GB internal storage, according to a leaked spec sheet from The Malignant. Meanwhile, those who want to save the world and all onto their phone may be able to get as much as 256GB. It appears as though Apple is also to kill off the 64GB model, which means the 128GB option will become the middle-of-the-road option. The 256GB variant will be for those who enjoy having plenty of music, video, games, and pictures on their device. q
  • Should we be afraid of women in burkinis?

    The burkini is not a new concept, having been created in Australia over a decade ago, so why is it suddenly creating a furore on beaches across Europe? It is mostly the far right who are banging the drum to ban the burkini — do they have a point, asks John Lloyd IN EUROPE, however beset by the continued weakness of the euro, Britain’s vote to defect from the EU, and the rise of the far right, a vacation is a right for oneself, a duty to one’s family. In Italy, especially, the beach doesn’t just beckon — it commands attendance. But, as Corriere della Sera’s commentator Beppe Severgnini observed, it’s a summer composed of sun and insecurity, fun and fear. Italy’s peninsula isn’t just seductive

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  • Your Whatsapp account information could now end up on Facebook

    Messaging service WhatsApp is having its privacy policy updated for the first time in four years. And the update means things like your phone number will now be connected with Facebook’s systems. Facebook purchased the company for billions back in 2014, and now your WhatsApp account information will be shared with the social media site, to test “ways for people to communicate with businesses in the months ahead”. The messaging service says that by connecting your phone number with Facebook’s systems, Facebook can offer better friend suggestions and show you more relevant adverts when you’re scrolling down the news feed – like, say, adverts from a company you currently work with. But in a blog q
  • A woman has won over $10m on a slot machine in Las Vegas

    A woman holidaying in Las Vegas has won a whopping $10.7m on a slot machine. The winner, who is from Hawaii, walked away with the jackpot at around 9pm on Sunday. She placed a three dollar bet on a machine at the Wynn Las Vegas resort. The hotel confirmed the news in a tweet, asking people how they'd celebrate the win. q
  • Irish boxing could have done more to keep me, says Billy Walsh

    Boxing coach Billy Walsh, who continued his Olympic medal success in Rio with the US boxing team, has said the IABA could have done more to keep him Mr Walsh returned to Ireland on Wednesday, having spent one month in Rio de Janeiro, where the American boxing team enjoyed its greatest success in 18 years, winning one gold, one silver and one bronze medal through the successes of Claressa Shields, Shakur Stevenson, and Nico Hernandez. Mr Walsh, from Wolfe Tone Villas in Wexford town, said the US boxing team was hoping to win two medals, one in the women’s and one in men’s boxing. “It’s been fantastic. To get two men’s and one women’s medals exceeded our expectations. “A couple of the guys were

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  • Search for missing person off the Cliffs of Moher resumes

    A search has resumed this morning for a man feared missing at the Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare writes Pat Flynn. The man, believed to be in his late 50’s and from the east of the country, was reported missing by his family after they became concerned for his wellbeing. A car, which the missing man is understood to have been driving, was located in the area of the cliffs early on Wednesday. Gardaí were notified and carried out an initial search but found no trace of the man. The Irish Coast Guard was requested to assist with the search. Volunteer teams commenced a search of the cliff top and surrounding lands while the Shannon based Irish Coast Guard search and rescue helicopter, Rescue 115, also q