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  • New video shows moments after Regency hotel shooting

    Disturbing eye-witness footage of the scenes just moments after David Byrne was shot dead at the Regency Hotel last Friday have emerged, showing the assassins making their getaway and what happened before gardai arrived. The Irish Examiner obtained the video on Wednesday evening as Government continued to face questions over why officers were not present at the event and why it took them so long to respond. The footage, which lasts for one minute and was taken on a mobile phone by a shocked bystander, shows Mr Byrne's bloodied body lying motionless beside the counter at the entrance of the hotel. Locals attending the event then go outside, where they see a silver van slowly driving away. "There's

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  • Judge rejects State bid to confiscate prostitutes’ cash

    A judge has rejected a State application to confiscate the “hard-earned” income of two prostitutes which was stolen and later recovered. Judge Patrick McCartan made the order at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court following the sentence hearing of a man who robbed the women while pretending to be a client. The judge also praised the courage of the women in trying to stop the accused after the robbery. Mantas Grazevicius, aged 32, with an address in Manchester but from Lithuania, pleaded not guilty to false imprisonment and robbery of the two women at the Clyde Court Hotel, Lansdowne Rd, Dublin, on July 17, 2013. He was convicted on all counts last month. Judge McCartan jailed him for three years and

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  • One Irish Liverpool fan's reaction to £77 tickets was absolutely glorious

    Would you spend £77 to watch your team? This Liverpool fan wouldn’t, and – following the 77th-minute walkout fans staged during the Reds’ Premier League game with Sunderland – he explained exactly why. And he did it in gloriously sweary fashion. A little harsh on Jordan Henderson and James Milner – but very, very funny. Reds fans were protesting over a new pricing structure at the club which will see the most expensive tickets cost £77. You can watch the full, even swearier video on the Redmen TV channel.

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  • Renua Ireland release stinging advert on FG links with Michael Lowry

    Lucinda Creighton's Renua Ireland has today published the most negative advert of the General Election campaign so far, which focuses on Fine Gael's links with Independent TD Michael Lowry. The hard-hitting video seeks to highlight Taoiseach Enda Kenny's repeated refusal to rule out doing a post-election deal with Mr Lowry until the party slumped in an opinion poll. The two-minute video was produced by the party and marks a departure in tone in the campaign so far. Released on the Vimeo platform, the online ad highlights the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal that Mr Lowry’s actions as Minister for Communications at the time of the granting of the second mobile phone licence were “insidious and

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  • VIDEO: Parents allow Galway teen to quit school to pursue Youtube business dream

    A persuasive Galway teen used a 29-slide powerpoint presentation to get his parents’ permission to quit school. Conor O’Flaherty had to go through six presentation drafts before his parents finally gave the thumbs up for the 17-year-old to chase an online business dream. His plan paid off. The teen entrepreneur, in his first year of business, secured a €5,000 bursary prize at the SCCUL Enterprise Awards. But, significantly, his online talent management agency, Pursue, is making lucrative advertising commissions for rising YouTube video stars across the world. Helping his clients earn hundreds of thousands, he has big plans for 2016. He is expected to turn over more than €2m in commissions. Conor,

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  • Dublin gang wars - the result of a deeply unequal society

    Is it fair to blame the Gardai for failing to prevent the two recent gang murders in Dublin? There was a time when I would have said Yes, but that was then and this is now. The fact is that the Gardai are very much a product of Irish society and let’s be honest with ourselves about this: we Irish tend to take a rather ad-hoc, bumbling, see-how-it-goes approach to things. If you don’t believe me, just look at our health service. Compared to many police forces, the Guards continue to retain the confidence of the public at large, a public that in many ways tends to enjoy their occasional displays of amateurism and provincialism, such as the recent ludicrous prosecution of a Kerry publican for doing

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  • Jerry Flannery on O'Connell: ‘You’d be dreading the call asking what you’re doing on Saturday’

    If Jerry Flannery believed his close association with Paul O’Connell was at an end when the great second-row ended his Munster career prior to last year’s World Cup, he was badly mistaken. “Paul is the hardest trainer I have ever come across,” said Flannery.

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  • ‘Dog-sized’ giant rabbit looking for new home as pet

    A “mischievous” giant rabbit the size of a dog is looking for a new home. Seven-month-old Atlas is currently being cared for by staff at the Scottish SPCA centre in Cardonald, Glasgow, after his owner could no longer look after him. The charity is appealing for potential new owners for the continental giant rabbit to get in touch. Centre manager Anna O’Donnell said: “Atlas is already about the size of a westie and is still young with some growing to do. “He is a very friendly rabbit who loves attention and getting cuddles. Atlas is also an inquisitive boy who makes everyone laugh with his mischievous character. “We are looking for a specific home for Atlas due to his breed and size. A standard

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  • Experts expected to announce they've found Einstein's gravitational waves

    Scientists may be poised to make a major announcement that will open a new window on the universe. A US team is rumoured to have caught the first glimpse of gravitational waves, ripples in space time predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago. An update on the search for gravitational waves is due to be released on Thursday, but a tight lid is being kept on the information until then. Gravitational waves are theoretically generated by cataclysmic cosmic events such as the collision of black holes or super-dense neutron stars. As the waves spread out, they compress and stretch spacetime. Scientists hope to detect them using laser beams capable of measuring minute changes in the lengths of two

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  • No fairytale ending for Paul O'Connell as Toulon left reeling

    Shock was the overriding emotion on the Cote d’Azur as Paul O’Connell announced his immediate retirement from the sport he has graced so magnificently over the last 14 years. The Munster man was Toulon’s marquee signing last summer in the pack, one of the so-called ‘Fantastic Four’ recruited by club president Mourad Boudjellal, along with American Samu Manoa, New Zealander Ma’a Nonu, and Duane Vermeulen of South Africa. La Provence, the main Mediterranean newspaper, described the news of O’Connell’s retirement as “an immense blow”, while Var Martin, Toulon’s local paper, called the announcement “incredible”. In truth, there had been an inkling on Monday morning that the former British and Irish Lions captain might never be seen in a Toulon shirt when Midi Olympique, France’s rugby newspaper, revealed that the European champions were looking to recruit a second-row on a short-term contract.

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  • Garda assaulted on patrol awarded €60,000 damages

    A garda who was assaulted on patrol on two separate occasions has been awarded €60,000 damages in a High Court Garda Compensation hearing. Garda Thomas Finnerty (32) suffered a fractured jaw and a broken nose after he was punched in the face and head-butted on two separate occasions. Garda Finnerty told the court that he was on bicycle patrol in Ballyfermot, Dublin in August 2011 when he seized a car that had no tax or insurance. Shortly afterwards he realised the driver had given a fake identity. Barrister Ivan Daly, counsel for Garda Finnerty, told the court that his client had chased and caught up with the driver and told him he was being arrested. The driver became agitated and punched Garda

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  • Japanese designers have developed a 'wearable chair'

    Aching legs from standing up for too long could soon be consigned to the past after designers in Japan developed a wearable chair that straps onto your body. Respite can be found at any time when wearing the Archelis, or “wearable chair”, as it locks into place once users relax their legs and allows people to walk as they’re wearing it. Archelis was initially built for surgeons who spend hours in the operating theatre but it could catch the eye of tired waiters, bored bar staff and even the weary commuter. Mold company Nitto developed the chair alongside Chiba University and said the release date and price of the product was currently “undecided”.

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  • Luas drivers say they have been grossly underpaid

    Luas drivers believe that historically they have been grossly underpaid for the role they perform in stressful and demanding environments. Driver and Siptu shop steward Richard McCarthy says that from his cab he operates routes that vary from areas thronged with pedestrians and other traffic to very isolated areas. He says there is also an “element of danger”. He says drivers have been attacked as they sought to fix door problems in their trams. He said some have been threatened with knives while verbal abuse was not uncommon. “We are portrayed as people who just push a lever back and forth. However the actual job itself is involved and can be quite complex. There is quite a complex signalling

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  • Quirky World: ‘Legend’ bystander trips up suspected dealer

    Sonme of the strnager stories from around the globe ENGLAND: A quick-thinking bystander who brought a police chase crashing to a halt is being urged to come forward so officers can thank him. Footage released by police in Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, shows the man, praised as a “legend” by the force, casually tripping up a suspected drug dealer as he is pursued on foot. With his hands in his pockets the man is seen to stretch out his right leg, bringing the suspect to the floor, before striding away arm-in-arm with his female companion. The video was widely shared and viewed over 250,000 on social media after it emerged online. PC Sebastian Ellis from Kingston Borough said: “We are

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  • One way to make a wedding speech stand out!

    And the rest of today's Good Day/Bad Day stories - we trawl the internet so you don't have to! Good day for this wedding party in the UK – we’re full to the gills of videos about amazing first dances, tearjerking groom speeches, and outstanding best man dances! Well, here’s another one to add to the collection – a lady called Rachel Winterbottom decided to use her skillzz and spat a phat beat instead of doing the normal run of the mill speech. Not a bad job in fairness! Bad day if you just can’t keep up with the makeup trends these days – you’re about to be bamboozled again. There now exists – a THING called “neck contouring”. The purpose is to make your neck look skinnier when wearing your hair

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  • ‘Game-changing’ evidence at inquest into baby’s death

    A baby who died days after his birth may have suffered a brain injury a week before he was born, an inquest has heard. In evidence described as “game-changing”, a pathologist’s report found an incident that could potentially have contributed to Darragh Byrne’s death from hypoxia occurred before he was born. At Dublin Coroner’s Court, parents Maree Butler and Eoin Byrne, from Portlaoise, heard evidence from Colette Adida, a consultant neonatal pathologist at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital. The court heard that Dr Adida found evidence of both acute and chronic hypoxia, the latter of which could have been caused by an event in the weeks before the child’s death. As the inquest

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  • Identity Ireland disappointed with political response to attack

    The chairman of Identity Ireland who was hospitalised after being hit in the head with a blunt object while travelling on the Luas has condemned the main Government parties for failing to be unequivocal in their disdain for the attack. Speaking at an Identity Ireland launch in Cork, Peter O’Loughlin said he was startled by the ferocity of the attack which occurred in Dublin last week prior to the launch of Pegida Ireland. He had also planned to hold an anti-Islam rally. “They were dressed in black masks and everything. They started to attack our members. One of them hit me in the head with a blunt object and I had to be taken to the Mater. They bandaged me up. Where I got hit, if it was slightly

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  • Birds of prey may deliberately spark bush fires to help them hunt

    Birds of prey are thought to ignite bush fires to force their prey into the open. At least two Australian birds, black kites and brown falcons, have been spotted picking up smouldering sticks and dropping them onto unburnt grounds to drive small animals out of the undergrowth. The birds wait patiently for the prey to emerge and swoop in to snap up their meal once they do. However small bush fires attract the attention of many birds and the raptors often find themselves fighting for their catch. Although the winged predators have never been caught on camera in the act, numerous sightings have been reported, including those from indigenous people in northern Australia, park rangers and firemen

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  • Donald Trump’s rivals face barrage of attacks

    Billionaire takes Cruz to task by repeating supporter’s ‘vulgar slur’. Eyeing their first wins in a capricious campaign, Republican Donald Trump lashed out at his opponents as New Hampshire began voting in the first US presidential primary. Trump — calling on supporters to propel him to victory — stunned, appalled, and delighted different audiences as he repeated an offensive remark from a member of the crowd about Ted Cruz’s position on waterboarding. The billionaire businessman launched the harshest attacks — not just against Texas senator Mr Cruz, who had bested him in Iowa, but against Jeb Bush as well. The former Florida governor was one of three Republicans hoping Marco Rubio’s recent stumbles

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  • Gardaí target 40 criminals in Dublin killing aftermath

    Gardaí are operating “in-your-face policing” at the homes of more than 40 criminals linked to the cartel blamed for Monday’s gangland murder of Eddie Hutch in Dublin’s north inner city. The Irish Examiner understands that members of four linked gangs, along with their associates, have been targeted for the high-level Garda attention. Under the plan, drawn up by Garda HQ, officers have identified houses in the Crumlin, Drimnagh and south inner city areas of south Dublin. According to sources, the strategy includes “in-your- face policing”, such as use of stop-and-search powers and the setting up of checkpoints outside their homes. It is further understood that Garda security intelligence rates

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