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  • "Serious stuff" in dead Limerick student's Facebook messages

    AN inquest into the death of a young Limerick student was told that messages to another person on his facebook page just before his death contained some “serious stuff”. Limerick Coroners Court heard that the lifeless body of the 21-year-old student was found at an apartment he shared with others on February 8 last. The students were getting ready to take part in a rag week event but the student was found in a lifeless state when one of his friends went to his room. Emergency services were called but attempts to revive him failed. Post-mortem toxicology tests of blood and urine samples showed traces of ecstasy and cannabis and the Pathology report concluded that the 21-year-old died from asphyxia.

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  • Isis terror threat forces Michael Caine to change name to Michael Caine

    SIR Michael Caine revealed he has changed his birth name by deed poll to avoid being delayed at airport security. And he’s changed it to… Michael Caine. The 83-year-old Italian Job actor was born Maurice Micklewhite and adopted his alias in 1954 after discovering his first screen name, Michael White, was already taken by another actor. The Cockney star of Zulu and Batman Begins claimed, however, that the recent threat of terror group Isis has caused problems with his double identity. “I changed my name when all the stuff started with Isis and all that,” The Sun reports him saying. Speaking of his experiences with a guard at airport security, he explained: “He would say, ‘Hi, Michael Caine,’ and q
  • Healy-Raes defend their high attendance rate at funerals in Kerry

    The Healy-Raes are defending their high attendance at funerals in Kerry, and also the so-called ‘bereavement packs’ they send to the families of deceased constituents, writes Anne Lucey. Such is their devotion to funerals, the TD brothers, Michael and Danny, and their nephew, a councillor, often attend a number of funerals in any one day. The so-called ‘bereavement pack’, with poem, Mass card and practical information, posted out by Deputy Michael Healy-Rae to families of the deceased, has also been criticised, but was strongly defended by the TD. Fianna Fail councillor, Michael Cahill, who rejoined Fianna Fáil this week, said he had a big issue with politicians who attended the funerals of people that they did not know.

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  • Three-man gang sentenced to 14-and a half years after going on "Wild West" crime spree

    A three-man gang of burglars have been sentenced to a total of 14 and a half years in prison after a carrying out a terrifying seven-and-a-half hour crime spree targeting homes in rural Co Limerick. Gardaí tracked the gang down after the three men called to a house looking for a spanner to fix a flat tyre on a car they had earlier stolen to take them on their criminal “odyssey”. At Limerick Circuit Court, James O’Shea, 27, of Anthony’s Lodge, Roo West, Ardnacrusha, Co Clare; Jeffrey Kelly, aged 26, Willow Grove, Old Cork Road, Limerick and 26-year-old Tony Kelly of O’Malley Park, Southill, Limerick all pleaded guilty to charges involving theft, burglary, criminal damage and the illegal taking of a car.

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  • WATCH: Jurgen Klopp’s transfer chat with young Liverpool fans is ridiculously cute

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp seems to be one of life’s good guys. Whether he’s bear-hugging players or joking with journalists, the big friendly German appears to do everything with an endearing sincerity. So when a group of young football fans were given the opportunity to sit down with him their views were treated with respect and courtesy. Where other managers might have treated the Subway-sponsored chat as a boring duty, Klopp gave the youngsters his full attention. And when the kids named a string of VERY ambitious transfer targets - including Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and former Red Luis Suarez - Klopp was honest abput the club's chances of getting any of them. “Great players, all of

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  • Silicon Valley shifts focus to robots and artificial intelligence

    For more than a decade, Silicon Valley’s technology investors and entrepreneurs obsessed over social media and mobile apps that helped people find new friends, get a lift home or crowdsource a review of a product or a movie. Now Silicon Valley has found its next shiny new thing. The new era in Silicon Valley centres on artificial intelligence (AI) and robots, a transformation many believe will have a payoff on the scale of the personal computing industry or the commercial internet. The shift was evident in a Lowe’s home improvement store this month, when a prototype inventory checker developed by Bossa Nova Robotics silently glided through the aisles using computer vision to perform a task humans have done manually for centuries.

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  • Brendan O’Carroll opens his home to 'lost boys' of Dublin

    Brendan O’Carroll has admitted that he and his wife Jennifer have opened up their home to young people who are struggling on the streets. The Mrs Brown's Boys star’s show is all about the importance of family and he reflects that in how he lives. “In our own way we have fostered,” Brendan explains. Family: Brendan loves his own family but loves to help others too | VIPIRELAND.COM Brendan opened up about the kind of young people they take in and that they’ve taken in three or four homeless teens over the years. “Anyone in difficulty. They call themselves our ‘lost boys’. “People who had nowhere to go at that time, youngsters we met, and we reared them, we looked after them – and we got more out

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  • Some genius went and built a wall around Donald Trump's Hollywood star

    Donald Trump finally got that wall he’s been after. But it’s a lot, lot smaller than he might have imagined … and it definitely wasn’t built along the US/Mexico border. Yep, a 15cm high, grey concrete wall has been constructed around Trump’s star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. Oh, and no details were overlooked when it came to the design – the wall is complete with mini American flags, barbed wire along the top, as well as “keep out” signs written in both Spanish and English. Of course, this is not the first time the Presidential candidate’s Hollywood star has been vandalised. But this has to be the most amusing of the lot. Street artist Plastic Jesus seems to have put himself forward

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  • Florida police shoot autistic man's carer as he lies in street with hands up

    A FLORIDA police officer shot a therapist who was looking after an autistic man while he was lying in the street with his hands up. A mobile phone video shows Charles Kinsey asking the police not to shoot him, before he was injured in the incident in Miami. The 47-year-old, who is black, and works with people with disabilities, was trying to get his 27-year-old patient back to a facility from where he had wandered. The authorities said the incident happened on Monday, following reports of a man threatening to shoot himself. North Miami assistant police chief Neal Cuevas told The Miami Herald that officers responded to the scene and ordered Kinsey and the patient, who was sitting in the street q
  • Turkey to suspend human rights laws as state of emergency follows failed coup

    The Turkish government has announced plans to suspend human rights laws as it prepares to implement the country's new state of emergency following the failed coup. The nation's parliament is set to approve the three-month state of emergency announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday night. Ahead of the vote, deputy PM Numan Kurtulmus said Turkey will suspend the European Human Rights Convention in line with an article contained within the agreement allowing for it in time of emergencies. In an address to the nation on Wednesday, Mr Erdogan announced a cabinet decision to seek additional powers, saying the state of emergency would give the government the tools to rid the military of the "virus" of subversion.

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  • Ireland's debt interest rate is higher than Greece

    Ireland is still paying a higher interest rate on our national debt than Greece, Italy and Spain, despite claims years of crippling austerity measures have left the country in a better position than other recession-hit nations, writes Fiachra Ó Cionnaith, Irish Examiner Political Reporter. Senior officials from the National Treasury Management Agency confirmed the situation at a detailed meeting with the Dáil’s cross-party public accounts committee yesterday, amid claims the situation means Ireland is being charged €2bn more than Greece every year. Responding to questions from PAC chair and Fianna Fáil TD Sean Fleming, NTMA chief executive Conor O Kelly confirmed Ireland is currently being hit

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  • I don’t need to feel that my mother still exists in some form

    Less than eight months ago, I walked into my mother’s room at Milford Hospice in Limerick in the very early morning and sat next to her body. I had received a call half an hour earlier that tore me from sleep. She had died. I hadn’t expected it to happen. Now I was sitting next to the body she had lived in, and she was gone. A wail escaped me that could have been heard halfway down the hall. She wouldn’t have approved of wailing in general. Self-indulgent displays of emotion weren’t her thing, and they aren’t mine either. I hope that day was the only exception to that rule I’ll ever make. I cried out in distress, but not because it was traumatic to see the lifeless body of someone I loved so

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  • Four people tied up by masked gang during Carryduff burglary

    Two men and two women have been assaulted and tied up by an armed gang during a violent burglary in Carryduff. Five masked men, one wielding a suspected gun and another a baton, forced their way into a house on the Ballynahinch Road area of the town around 7pm on Wednesday. They attacked a man and woman who were in the house and then assaulted another man and woman who called at the house as the burglary was unfolding. All four victims were tied up. The two targeted men and one of the women were in their early 20s. The other woman was 18. The intruders demanded money before making off with a sum of cash. The injured men and women were treated by ambulance service personnel at the scene of the

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  • Woman fails in damages claim over fall at Neil Diamond concert

    An RTÉ employee, who claimed she cut her right shin after she tripped and fell while attending a Neil Diamond concert at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, has lost a €38,000 damages claim in the Circuit Civil Court and is now facing a significant legal bill. Hillary Paolozzi told the court that in June 2011 she and friends were descending the gangway to access their seats when one of her feet got caught in the nosing strip of a step. She said she tumbled and was helped up by a friend, Sharon. They had been seated when she realised that her jeans and right shoe were stained with blood. Ms Paolozzi told barrister Elaine Power, counsel for the venue’s owner New Stadium Ltd, that she and her friends had gone

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  • Trigger Brexit ‘as soon as possible’

    French president Francois Hollande has agreed the Peace Process and Common Travel Area between Ireland and Britain should have a special status in Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK. In talks with Taoiseach Enda Kenny at Government Buildings on Thursday Mr Hollande expressed impatience with the British delay in leaving the EU, but struck a note regarded as helpful by senior Irish officials, recognising the special position of Ireland in the post-Brexit processes. “I do recognise that there is a special situation in Ireland,” Mr Hollande said. “It’s a special situation that has to be found a place in the negotiations.” “The relations that exist between Ireland, Northern Ireland the

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  • Jack Johnson: the internet star who hacked his own fans’ accounts

    Jack Johnson’s six-second bursts of comedy on Vine have propelled him to a fledgling pop-rap career. Now he is one of the internet’s biggest stars. Last week, he told his nearly four million Twitter followers to send him their passwords. And in an hour, tens of thousands of fans complied – all for the slim chance to see a personalised video from Johnson pop up inside their accounts. At first glance, this stunt, which Johnson called “#HackedByJohnson,” looks like another case of teenagers traipsing through a social-media minefield, oblivious to the real-world consequences. But Johnson’s fans are not naive. Handing over their passwords to some strange, cute boy actually constitutes a minor act

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  • ‘Even Isis’ would spare holy well from demolition, says Kerry councillor

    A Sinn Féin councillor who made the front page of this week’s Kerryman for saying “Even Isis” would have spared a Kerry holy well from demolition works, has defended his comments. Pa Daly was quoted in the newspaper as calling on Kerry County Council to explain why the dig on Sunday’s Well in Tralee was allowed to go ahead. “Who the hell authorised the work? Even Isis wouldn’t have done this,” he was quoted as saying at a meeting of Tralee Municipal District. Kerry County Council says it removed stones from the recorded monument earlier this week due to concerns over public safety. Defending his claim, Mr Daly, a Tralee-based solicitor, told Newstalk that the remark in no way compared the council

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  • Pokémon no-Go!

    A LOCAL historian has said that the Pokémon Go phenomenon is being disrespectful to important monuments in Cork that pay tribute to the dead. The wildly popular Pokémon Go phone app has attracted thousands of Cork fans and millions worldwide, but concerns have been raised about the game’s use of real-world locations as players are encouraged to flock to monuments and memorials in order to capture Pokémon and restock items. Cork City councillor and historian Kieran McCarthy said that incorporating such locations into the game is ‘not appropriate’ given their historical importance. Players of the game use their phone’s camera, mapping and GPS services to capture Pokémon characters in real-world locations.

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  • Man spat at couple walking down Cork street to 'baptise' them

    A man who spat at a couple walking through Cork City said he was baptising them, and yesterday the judge said he needed care rather than custody, writes Liam Heylin. Anthony Cummins, Main St, Ballinspittle, Co Cork, pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting the couple on September 28, 2015. The case was adjourned yesterday for sentencing and to allow time for reports on the accused. Judge Leo Malone said he would not jail the defendant who he said needed care rather than custody. However, he said that the assaults were frightening and that Cummins could not repeat such behaviour. “Obviously, society has to be protected as well,” Judge Malone said. Diarmuid Kelleher, for Cummins, said he had a mental

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  • Donegal: Blues on the bay and good fishing from the shore

    Donegal Bay is fishing well with boats at Mullaghmore and elsewhere landing big blue sharks even when the conditions are less than ideal. Shore anglers are also getting some good fishing. The early part of this week saw some glorious weather and as the temperatures soared the Killbegs Mariners made the angling version of hay while the sun shined. Just 3 hours on the sand produced 18 dabs with 10 of them over 30cm as well as spotted rays, turbot, dogs and pollack. On Tuesday evening some of the guys from the club were out again. By the time they were fishing the weather pages were reporting offshore lightening moving their way and they figured the pollack may be scarce. So they ended up having

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