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  • Two-year-old boy dies after choking on piece of toast

    A two-year-old boy who died when he choked on a piece of toast will be laid to rest on Wednesday. Ricky McGinley died after the incident in Milford, Co Donegal, on Saturday morning. The boy, who only recently turned two, was being cared for at the home of a close relative when it happened. He was immediately taken to the local health centre but then brought to Letterkenny University Hospital. Despite attempts to resuscitate him, he passed away a short time later. The death is not being investigated by gardaí and has been described as a “complete accident”. His parents Gerard McGinley and Ceara Devine were being comforted by family and friends. Local priest Fr Adrian Gavigan said everyone was

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  • Conor McGregor out of action after Diaz fight; receives six month medical suspension

    Conor McGregor could be out of action for the rest of the year after receiving a six month medical suspension. McGregor has been temporarily suspended due to injuries he suffered in his left foot and ankle suffered during his fight with Nate Diaz at the weekend. McGregor won the gruelling, five-round fight but left the Las Vegas venue on crutches afterwards. The Irishman will not be allowed to fight competitively again until next February, if he cannot get clearance from an orthopedic doctor. q
  • Police charge woman with killing her newborn son by putting him in fridge

    A South Carolina mother charged with killing her newborn son by putting him in the refrigerator for several hours is expected to appear before a judge on Tuesday. Angela Blackwell is expected to have a bond hearing at the Chester County jail, according to Sheriff's Chief Deputy Robert Sprouse. Blackwell, 27, was arrested by State Law Enforcement Division agents on Monday on a charge of homicide by child abuse. Deputies say Blackwell was at her home on February 27 when she put her four-day-old son in the refrigerator and shut the door. After three hours, she took him out and sought medical attention. First-responders did CPR on the boy and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, q
  • Rio tickets scandal set to run and run

    Michael Clifford says with the Brazilian ‘cast the net wide’ process and the limited Irish probe, it will be a while before we have answers. FIRST Pat Hickey, then John Delaney. For those who like to see controversial sports administrators under the spotlight, this has been an unrivalled week or so. Both men — certainly until recent days — bestrode their respective domains with unrivalled power. Both were magnets for controversy, yet had sufficient support within their organisations to keep on keepin’ on where others might have fallen or retreated. And to top it all off, the pair are old muckers. Just before departing to Rio, Hickey told RTÉ that ideally he saw Delaney as his natural successor.

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  • Samantha Fox reveals she was 'nearly blinded' by Bear in scenes cut from the Celebrity Big Brother

    Samantha Fox said she was relieved to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house after an incident with Stephen Bear which had left her needing to see medics. She said that on Monday Bear had played a “magic trick” on her in which he sprayed water into her eye and dislodged her contact lens. She said: “He really hurt my eye and I couldn’t open it for about four hours. I had to see a medic and the membrane has been… yeah, it was horrible.” The former Page Three girl told host Emma Willis she was forced to wear an eye-patch for “half a day”. She asked Emma if viewers had been shown him “nearly blinding me”, to which the host replied, “It hasn’t been out yet.” “It happened yesterday,” Sam said. q
  • People are STILL talking about Jenna Coleman's reaction to being asked about Prince Harry

    Former Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman may have batted off speculation about her and Prince Harry, but her reaction to being asked the question is still a hot topic. The 30-year-old actress is set to play a young Queen Victoria in a new ITV period drama. Rewind the clock to last year though when she and Harry were pictured “looking flirty” at a polo match. Jenna was clearly not impressed when Kate Garraway asked her on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning whether she had met the Prince to carry out research on the Royal Family for the TV role. Kate cheerily posted a picture of the pair together, and Jenna’s face says it all. Fans were quick to comment on Jenna’s reaction and it’s STILL being q
  • Fiona Pender's mother fears she'll never find daughter's remains

    The mother of Fiona Pender says she fears she will never find her daughter's remains. Fiona Pender went missing from her Co Offaly home on August 23, 1996. Today marks 20 years since she disappeared. The 25-year-old hairdresser was pregnant at the time she went missing. The case has been the subject of Garda reviews and a number of digs and searches have taken place in the Laois/Offaly area in the years since her disappearance. Her mum Josephine said it is hard not to lose hope of finding her. "Sometimes I do and I have sad, sad days, I just cry and cry and just think I'll never find her," she said. q
  • Viewers bemused that EastEnders aren't even trying to hide Natalie Cassidy's pregnancy anymore

    EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy is heavily pregnant with her second child. Her character Sonia Fowler isn’t. But viewers were left questioning if there’d been a sudden plot change when she appeared in Tuesday night’s episode. Many were left bemused that soap bosses had given up on trying to hide it. To clarify, 33-year-old Natalie is pregnant, Sonia is not. Natalie is due later this summer; it’s her first with cameraman beau Marc Humphreys, after she gave birth to a daughter Eliza with ex-fiance Adam Cottrell. q
  • Fathers4Justice protester gatecrashes Rose of Tralee on air

    The perils of live television were all too apparent on Monday night when the RTÉ broadcast of the Rose of Tralee was interrupted by a man who invaded the stage. The protester was Matt O’Connor, the 49-year-old founder of Fathers4Justice who lives in Clapham, south London, but whose family come from Co Kerry. O’Connor held up a picture of his son and shouted “fathers for justice” and then continued: “To all the fathers in this country who are denied access to their children, please join me and the broken families of Ireland. In a statement issued immediately after the incident, Fathers4Justice described their protest as the “new Rising” and stated that 100,000 Irish children are “partitioned” from their fathers and denied their human rights.

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  • John Caulfield: Hosting Oman a privilege for Cork City

    Cork City manager John Caulfield says it’s “a privilege” for the club to host Oman in a friendly game at Turner’s Cross this evening. “Opportunities to play against full international teams certainly do not come around too often,” he said. “We will obviously have a mixture of first-team players and some of our promising U19 players, so it will be interesting to see how they do at this level. “Due to our European run, we have a busy run ahead of us with a lot of games coming up and we need to have all of our squad available. “We have some guys in the squad who have been on the bench a lot and, even though they are training hard, the opportunity to play a good quality game will be good for them.

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  • CAO points for 2016: A barometer of the economy

    This year’s Central Applications Office (CAO) listings recorded a drop in points for many arts courses while the number of degree courses requiring 500 points or more jumped to a new high. Trends in course choices are closely related to the condition of the economy and this year were borne out in a shift towards subjects relating to construction, nursing, architecture, engineering, technology and business. All saw increases in points requirements as the growth in focus in recent years on Stem subjects – both at secondary and third level – has contributed to a wider interest in science, technology and maths-related courses. While it is natural for applicants to base their course choice to some

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  • Using supermarket mouthwash could stop you contracting gonorrhoea

    A new study from Monash University in Australia suggests using mouthwash could help prevent infection from gonorrhoea. Gonorrhoea is a bacterial sexually transmitted infection able to harbour itself in people’s throats for weeks or months without symptoms. Professor Christopher Fairley gathered 58 male volunteers at the Melbourne university, each of whom had detectable levels of throat gonorrhoea. Half were asked to gargle for a minute with salt water while the other half were told to do the same with supermarket mouthwash. Five minutes later the levels of gonorrhoea in the men’s throats was tested again, with significant reductions seen from those who used the mouthwash rather than salt water. q
  • Cork antenna could be used to search for alien life

    The National Space Centre (NSC) is hoping to reactivate one of the largest antennae in the world, with the possibility it could be used to search for extraterrestrial life, writes Sean O’Riordan. The NSC has also announced it’s hoping to win a number of contracts for the transmission of information which will allow it to increase its workforce from 14 to 65 in the next three years. A message is being beamed around the world for potential partners to help reactivate the 32m-wide dish at NSC’s Elfordstown Earthstation, near Midleton, Co Cork. The dish, which weighs 220 tonnes and would cost about €10m to construct today, was built in 1984 to transmit transatlantic telephone calls from Europe to the US. q
  • Danny Dyer: Daughter saw me get kick from Mark Wright’s friends

    Danny Dyer has complained about being kicked in front of his daughter after getting involved in an altercation with reality TV star Mark Wright’s friends. The 39-year-old East-Enders actor was pictured with what looked like a black eye at the V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex. He said he is “sweet” but complained his 20-year-old daughter Dani saw the fight. Dyer tweeted: “No daughter should have to see their old man being toe-punted in the nut by five complete pricks. I’m sweet Bae.” He also spoke out after Wright, 29, who is married to actress Michelle Keegan, denied he was directly involved in the fight. Wright wrote in a post on his Twitter feed: “Seen some stories online today about V Festival.

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  • Gardaí try to identify Dublin gangland shooter

    Local inquiries are being conducted and forensic tests are being carried out in a bid to gather clues as to the gunman behind the latest gangland shooting in Dublin. The target, a convicted drug dealer, was shot at least twice in the kitchen of his home on Stanaway Rd in Crumlin. The 30-year-old, who only recently became a father, survived but was left in a serious condition. The gunman appeared to have been waiting in the back garden of the house and fired an estimated five times from a handgun through the window at him. The shooting happened at 2.30am on Sunday. The location, not far from a number of houses associated with the Kinahan crime cartel, had sparked fears it was part of the Kinahan-Hutch

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  • Premier League striker charged by FA over homophobic tweets

    The Football Association has charged Burnley striker Andre Gray for the homophobic tweets he sent in 2012 which were shared across social media on the weekend he scored his first Premier League goal. Gray, 25, issued an apology on Saturday evening after social media posts he made when he was a non-league player four years ago resurfaced in the aftermath of his strike against Liverpool at Turf Moor. In one tweet, Gray had written: "Is it me or are there gays everywhere? #Burn #Die #Makesmesick" An FA statement read: "Burnley's Andre Gray has been charged with misconduct in respect of social media comments made between 9 January 2012 and 11 March 2012. "It is alleged the comments were abusive and/or q
  • Samsung looks to sell used refurbished top-level phones

    Samsung plans to launch a programme to sell refurbished used versions of its premium smartphones by next year, a source has told Reuters. The South Korean technology firm is looking for ways to sustain earnings momentum after reviving its mobile profits by restructuring its product line-up. As growth in the global smartphone market hits a plateau, Samsung wants to maximise its cost efficiency and keep operating margins above 10%. The world’s top smartphone maker will refurbish expensive phones returned to the company by users who signed up for one-year upgrade programmes in markets such as South Korea and the US. Samsung would then re-sell these phones at a lower price, the source said. The person

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  • Will my missed mortgage payments damage chances of getting another loan?

    Question: I’ve a mortgage for nearly seven years. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I missed four months mortgage repayments approximately three years ago and went into arrears. The bank incorporated the monies in arrears into the total amount owed as I wasn’t in a position to repay the full amount. Since this happened, I’ve repaid the amount owed and am fully on top of my repayments. Just wondering how badly will this affect me if I want to apply for another mortgage? Is there anything you can advice me to do to get me into a better position to be successful in getting one? Ms G.P., email Answer: While I’d love to say that missing a couple of months’ mortgage payments would do no harm

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  • 12 of Ireland’s best golfing hotels

    What better way to wake up than knowing you have a big breakfast waiting and you’ve got all the time in the world to get there. Ireland has hundreds of hotels — from five-star luxury to everyday comfort — and when it comes to golf you’ll never have to look too far for somewhere to rest your head. Here are 12 of the best hotel/golf course combinations in Ireland, where you can expect drying areas, storage facilities, battery charging, early breakfasts on request and exceptional golf. If you ask nicely, you might find some even shine your shoes and clean your clubs. 1. Carton House Carton House lies to the west of Dublin, in a 1,200 acre estate that’s so big it crosses two counties. The luxury

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  • Harris urged to criminalise controversial bleach 'cure' for autism

    Health Minister Simon Harris is facing calls to criminalise the use of bleach as a controversial “cure” for autism under child abuse laws, writes Joe Leogue. While the Health Products Regulatory Authority has warned that any manufacture, supply, or sale of the “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS) for the purposes of treating a medical condition is illegal, campaigners want Mr Harris to introduce further deterrents by way of legislation. Autistic Rights Together has called on the Government to make the administering of MMS — also known as CD Protocol — to children illegal under child abuse laws, but said Mr Harris has declined its approaches to discuss the issue. The organisation claims that South q