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    Irishman shot and killed by police in Germany · TheJournal.ie

    Police at the scene of the shooting on Wednesday. Police at the scene of the shooting on Wednesday. AN IRISH MAN was fatally shot by German police in the city of Hamburg on Wednesday. The incident occurred when a woman contacted police and reported being threatened in her apartment in the Hausbruch area of the city. The woman was in the apartment with her young child. Polizei Hamburg have said that when armed officers arrived at the scene the man approached them with a knife. Police fired on the man and he was seriously injured. He subsequently died from his injuries. The woman and her child were not injured in the incident and have been given support. No police officers were injured in the incident.

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    Theresa May impersonator strips off during BGT audition

    The Britain's Got Talent judges are left shocked when a dancer dressed as Theresa May strips off during an audition. In Saturday's episode of the programme, yoga teacher Kath Thompson mocks the outgoing British Prime Minister's dodgy dance moves with a routine that has the judges and the audience in stitches. Opening the show, Thompson is filmed leaving 10 Downing Street in leopard print heels before arriving at the London Palladium. If this doesn't solve Brexit, I don't know what will Wearing a grey wig, she bursts onto the stage wearing a red jacket - similar to Mrs May's recognisable garment - to Abba's Dancing Queen. The performer mimics Mrs May's dance moves, failing to move in time to the

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    Man, 40s, dies while cycling in Co Mayo

    A man has died while out cycling in Swinford, Co Mayo. The man, in his 40s, was out cycling on the road between Kiltimagh and Swinford yesterday when it appears he took a turn and fell from his bicycle. He was removed to Mayo University Hospital, Castlebar where he later passed away. The post mortem has concluded that the man died of natural causes. A file will be prepared for the Coroners Court.

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    59,000 sign petition backing doctor who asked Muslim patient to remove veil

    A petition to prevent the sacking of a doctor who asked a Muslim patient to remove her veil in order to hear the details of her daughter's medical condition has reached over 59,000 signatures. Dr Keith Wolverson admitted he was “rather fearful of the consequences” after finding out he had been reported to the General Medical Council (GMC) and would be the subject of a racial discrimination inquiry. But despite being upset at the inquiry, Mr Wolverson said he was “absolutely bowled over” by the petition. He said there was no sign the patient was upset during the consultation at the Royal Stoke University Hospital last June. I asked a lady to remove her face veil for adequate communication, in

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    #DivorceRef: First results from divorce referendum announced

    Irish people have shown their compassion for those going through marital breakdowns, a government minister has said. Josepha Madigan, Irish Culture minister and advocate of the liberalisation of the nation's divorce laws, thanked those who voted in the referendum on Saturday evening as county after county returned yes results. Voters were asked to vote on whether to reduce the lengthy period separated couples have to wait before they can obtain a formal divorce. Indications are that over 80% have voted yes. County Louth voted 82.35% yes, and 17.65% no. Turnout was 48.67% County Monaghan voted 75.04% yes, and 24.96% no. Turnout was 56.97% County Cavan voted 78% yes, and 22% no. In 2016 Ms Madigan

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    Taoiseach will speak with Maria Bailey TD over legal 'swing' case next week

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he will speak with Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey over her "swing" court case "next week" after she confirmed on Saturday night she is dropping the legal action. Speaking to reporters at the City West Hotel count centre in Dublin on Saturday, Mr Varadkar said while the issue is "a private matter" he will talk with Ms Bailey in the coming days about what happened, and the impact on the party. When asked if Fine Gael would take action against Ms Bailey, the Taoiseach said: "In the first instance I think it is a private matter for her, it's an incident that occurred before she was even elected to the Dáil and it isn't something that the party has been involved in. "I haven't

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    Mary Lou McDonald concedes Sinn Féin will suffer significant losses

    A disappointed Mary Lou McDonald has conceded that Sinn Féin will suffer significant losses in the local elections. Arriving at the count centre in Dublin's RDS she said Sinn Féin benefited from a surge in support in 2014, however, they will not retain many of these local authority seats. "I am not sure where we are going to land but I know that we will have a lot of counting and some long nights ahead of us," she said. But Ms McDonald added: "Sinn Féin aren't cry babies, we dust ourselves down and we get back at it because that's what political activism is all about. "Some days the day is yours and the tide is in and some days are more challenging and the challenge for any political organisation