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  • Jim Carrey to attend Cathriona White's funeral

    Jim Carrey will fly over to Ireland for the funeral of his ex-girlfriend, Tipperary native Cathriona White. The 53-year-old actor will reportedly join the rest of Cathriona's family as they lay her to rest. A source told the Sunday People newspaper: "Jim has been left devastated after the tragic death of Cathriona, saying: "Attending her funeral in Ireland will be the least he could do to pay tribute to the woman he loved. "He has been in touch with Cathriona's family and they want him at the funeral. They know how much he meant to her." Meanwhile, it is thought the 'Dumb and Dumber' star has been offering emotional and financial support to the family as they prepare for the funeral. An insider

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  • A Dublin man proposed to his girlfriend with a big flash mob on Grafton Street

    IRISH MEN – WE love ye, but we also know you’re not big on sweeping romantic gestures. And that’s OK! But Dublin man Bob Keating pulled off the romantic gesture of a lifetime yesterday to propose to his girlfriend of ten years, Kelly McDonnell. A local dance group was performing on Grafton Street, looking for all the world like any other buskers – then, the music changed to Bruno Mars’ Marry You, and Keating joined in. He danced along… Before scooping up their daughter, Summer, and getting down on one knee. McDonnell said yes, and in a post on Facebook revealed that her fiancé went to dance classes to perfect his moves for the very public proposal: So after nearly ten years Bob popped the question,

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  • Tide turning Donegal islander captures hearts in France

    “I’m not going to sell out my children’s rights, though I could do with the money - small enough as it is. At least I can sleep at night...” When Donegal islander John O’Brien made public a promise in this newspaper some years ago, there were those who thought he would surely relent. It was August 2008 and Government cheques were being sent out to the first of more than 1,300 coastal skippers who had agreed to surrender licences to catch wild salmon after a ban on driftnetting was introduced the year before. O’Brien, from Donegal’s Inishbofin,was one of 30 who decided to refuse the Government lucre, along with neighbours on Arranmore. Little did he know that his stance and that of his colleagues

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  • Sir Tom Jones reveals wife Linda’s battle with depression

    Sir Tom Jones has admitted his wife of nearly 60 years has been battling depression since she was young. Speaking to the Sunday Times magazine, Sir Tom, who reportedly had numerous affairs, said his wife Linda has “lost her spark” and has let herself go. The Welsh singer called his 58-year marriage “rock-solid” and said “all the rest was fun and games”. The pair married when Jones was 16 and he recalls his wife once beating him up at their home in Los Angeles after the story of an affair with a Miss World hit the tabloids. Sir Tom said: “I stood there and took it. She chinned me. She punched and shouted.” He has previously said he would not be able to carry on singing if his wife died. Mrs Jones

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  • People are not impressed with this ‘racist’ Daily Mail article about GBBO

    THE DAILY MAIL HAS a new target – and it’s the squeaky clean BBC institution, the Great British Bake Off. After last week’s super tense semi-final, we were left with three very capable bakers: Nadiya, Tamal, and Ian. But DM columnist Amanda Platell thinks that they made the final not on their talent, but on political correctness gone mad. Mmm hmm. Platell (who isn’t a stranger to offending people) penned a short article about the programme for yesterday’s paper, saying 20-year-old Flora Shedden was booted out last week for not being “PC enough” for the BBC. We are left with Muslim mum Nadiya Hussain, gay doctor Tamal Ray, and New Man Ian Cumming. Poor Flora Shedden never stood a chance. She was

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  • How to Double Your Money Every 4 Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

  • This American shop’s cheeky name should give you a chuckle

    DEEP IN THE US state of Oregon, there is a shop. A shop that is not like other shops. Why is this? Well, look at the name. Nope, it’s not some lost Father Ted joke. Wanker’s Country Store is a real place, a family-owned shop in Wanker’s Corner, a small community near the town of Wilsonville.  Yeah. Wanker’s Corner. They sell t-shirts. They have a Wanker’s Wine Cave, which sounds more ominous than it looks: They have a fan club, called ‘I Heart Wankers’: There’s also a Wanker’s Corner Café nearby: The owners are obviously aware of the name’s other meaning (they often retweet messages from giddy English and Irish folk on Twitter) but nevertheless are trying to distance themselves from it, saying

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  • Ted Kennedy was a bad alcoholic who had PTSD says son in new book - Irish Sun

    Irish Central Monday 5th October, 2015 Photo by: LEAHY/AP In a sensational new book Patrick Kennedy, former Congressman and son of Senator Edward Kennedy, says his father was an alcoholic who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the assassination of his two brothers....

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  • Marriage is binding bond between man and woman, Pope Francis asserts

    Pope Francis has opened a divisive meeting of the world’s bishops on family issues today by asserting that marriage is a binding bond between a man and woman. Francis dove head-on into the most pressing issue confronting the meeting of 270 bishops during a solemn Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica: How to better minister to Catholic families experiencing separation, divorce and other problems when the church’s teaching holds that marriage is forever. One of the major debates at the synod is whether divorced and civilly remarried Catholics can receive Communion. Francis launched the synod process two years ago by sending out a 39-point questionnaire to bishops, parishes and ordinary Catholic families around the world asking about their understanding of and adherence to church teaching on family matters. q
  • Irish group says Calais refugee camp is 'insane'

    The refugee camp in Calais is being described as ‘insane’ by one Irish group that has travelled over to provide assistance. Hundreds of people fleeing war torn Syria and other Middle East countries continue to arrive in the French port town each day. They hope to make the crossing to the UK, but instead are left sleeping outdoors. The Ireland Calais Solidarity group arrived with several truckloads of donations this weekend. One volunteer, Treacy Ryan, describes the scenes they have witnessed. “The camp itself is just insane, it is hard to believe. It’s worse than any shanty town I have seen on any of my travels around the world,” Ms Ryan said. “I’ve been in India, been in North Africa and the q
  • Nurse learns patient dying from hit-and-run is her brother

    A California nurse was working in the emergency room when she learned a patient dying from a hit-and-run crash was her brother. Jennifer Medina told KNBC-TV she was working a busy shift at a hospital in Mission Viejo on Friday night when an unresponsive man was brought in. She said as doctors worked frantically to save the 23-year-old man, a fellow nurse looked for his identification. Ms Medina said when her colleague found the man’s wallet, she immediately recognised it. When she opened it, she saw his face. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said Cesar Andres Medina was crossing on a green light in San Juan Capistrano when he was fatally struck by a pick-up truck. A suspect was arrested q
  • Katie Price trusts husband '100 per cent'

    Katie Price trusts Kieran Hayler "100 per cent". The former glamour model's marriage to the 28-year-old builder was rocked when he admitted to cheating on her with two of her best friends but Katie insists he has "changed". She said: "Other people think Kieran is a cheat and a liar, but I don't care what they think. I'm the harshest judge and I know how much he has changed. In the past two years he's gone from a boy to a man. I trust him 100 per cent. "He's not vain - he hardly looks at himself in the mirror. He's even got a little pot belly, which I actually like a lot. His whole life revolves around me and the kids. We never row, we have a laugh, and he's the one man who makes me totally happy." q
  • Where doctors go for help with mental health issues

    One in four doctors, dentists and pharmacists – just like everyone else – will have mental-health problems at some stage. About 10 to 15 per cent of them will have a problem related to alcohol or drugs, which is again similar to the general population, according to figures from the new Practitioner Health Matters Programme (PHMP). With this free programme, we want doctors to feel safe in coming forward to have their needs addressed in a non-judgemental and confidential way,” says Dr Íde DeLargy, the GP who leads the programme with a senior nurse who specialises in mental health and addiction. Mental-health problems make up about 40 per cent and a small per centage of medical professionals abuse alcohol and drugs, according to Irish figures.

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  • An Post considering issuing protective notice to staff

    An Post is understood to be considering issuing protective notice to some of its staff if a strike involving a contractor continues. The dispute has halted postal services across the country since last Friday. Informed sources said that with no revenue coming into An Post, the issue of serving protective notice to some of the company’s 9,500 employees was a “real possibility which was drawing closer”. It is expected that An Post will later today advise customers not to post mail as a result ofthe strike at its contractor, IO Systems. The dispute centres on a row over new rostering arrangements for the staff and subsequent loss of earnings. Staff at IO Systems maintain automated sorting equipment

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  • Joe Brolly: Missing in action – one Colm Cooper

    “WHAT do you think of that Joe Brolly?” At the risk of sounding like Father Ted at the Golden Cleric Awards, it is time for me to answer Kieran’s question. I have been thinking about Kerry since the final and how their image as the kingpins of Gaelic football no longer accords with the reality. Since 2002, they have faced nine serious tests in Croke Park. Their record in these has been abject. Armagh, Tyrone (three times), Dublin (three times), Donegal (2012) all brought war and on each occasion Kerry wilted. Their only All-Ireland victories during that period have been soft ones, where the games were over by the end of the first quarter and they were made look like the Harlem Hlobetrotters against

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  • Give Me a Crash Course In . . . Longboat Quay

    Longboat Quay, where is that? In Dublin’s east end, on the south bank of the River Liffey. Longboat Quay is not itself one of the river’s quays; it’s a complex of almost 300 apartments on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, built in 2006. Why is it in the news? Dublin Fire Brigade this week decided that unresolved fire-safety defects with the building had to be fixed without delay and that failure to set out dates and a plan to complete the work could result in almost 900 people being evacuated from their homes. What sort of the fire-safety defects? Initially problems were found with the fire alarm, in both the common areas and individual apartments. These problems were resolved earlier this year, at a

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  • Wasp tragedy strikes man just hours before his daughter gave birth - Irish Sun

    The Independent Monday 5th October, 2015 Comments Fergus McGill (62) collapsed and died within half an hour of being stung on the lip by a wasp on Thursday afternoon. Tragically, his death came just hours before his only daughter Joanne gave birth to a baby, the Sunday World reports."It's so tragic. Fergus was so looking forward to the arrival of the new baby. He passed away so quickly and didn't even get to say goodbye. The entire village is just numb. How could this happen?," one local told the newspaper. The popular retired mechanic, from Convoy in Donegal died on Thursday afternoon, soon after he entered the White Horse Inn in th...

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  • 10 brilliant photos from Arsenal v Manchester United down through the years

    AN INTENSE RIVALRY for so long, a meeting between these teams doesn’t carry the same sort of passion and fury as it once did. There was a time when any clash involving Arsenal and Manchester United would usually guarantee plenty of fireworks and some special moments. Looking back on these games makes you pine for those days!

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  • Limerick villages come up smelling of roses in Tidy Towns

    ONCE again the village of Adare has come up smelling of roses having retained its title as the tidiest village in Limerick after it secured an impressive 316 points in this year’s Tidy Towns competition. The picture perfect village won the County Prize and was also awarded a gold medal. “It is always great to be recognised and appreciated in a national competition, particularly the Tidy Towns,” said Michael Brennan, chairman of Adare Tidy Towns said. “It has been a great year for Adare,” he added, pointing out that Adare is now also in line as one of five towns for the title of Best Tourist Small Town. “When you get up into the award categories it is very hard to add to your points,” Vicki Nash,

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  • Natalie pulls her own hair out - like 110 million other Trichotillomania sufferers

    For most people the idea of pulling your own hair out is very difficult to comprehend, but Trichotillomania (TTM) is a compulsive condition that affects 110 million people worldwide. We met Natalie Blythe, 32, who started pulling her own hair out at the age of 14. The pressure of GSCEs and general anxiety at school led to her pulling her hair as a coping mechanism, a sense of relief from her daily battles. “I used to be really ashamed of what I did and was too scared to tell anyone. My mum used to find large clumps of hair all over the floor and I had to pretend that it was from my brush,” Natalie says. “One day I did build up the courage to tell her what I was doing, but she just shrugged it q
  • Brian McGuigan: Mayo players have shown a lack of loyalty

    LOOKING on at what is unfolding out west in Mayo, you can only shake your head and wonder how just a matter of weeks after almost booking their place in an All-Ireland final, the county could find itself in such a mess. Thankfully, Mickey Harte was the mainstay throughout almost all of my inter-county senior football career. We did not at any stage face into this sort of uncertainty, never mind such a revolt. It’s not helpful and it certainly doesn’t make for a healthy or a successful environment. To me, it is just another example of the climate we live in now where the finger of blame is, more now than ever, pointed at the manager. It’s like a Premier League soccer mentality… one where if results

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