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    Man arrested in relation to immigration irregularities investigation at a Garda Station released without charge

    A man in his 60s, arrested on Wednesday, December 11, by Gardaí from the Roscommon / Longford Division investigating a number of immigration irregularities at a Garda Station was released without charge yesterday, Thursday, December 12. A file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions. Also read: Retired Garda arrested in connection with Roscommon / Longford investigation into immigration irregularities

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    Nicola Sturgeon's Victory Dance Over Jo Swinson Losing Her Seat Caught On Camera

    Sturgeon said that on a personal level she “feels for” Swinson. She told Sky News: “It was an understandably excited reaction … I can't help but be delighted for my party.” Sturgeon said the sweeping results for the SNP meant there would be a mandate for a second independence referendum. “There is a mandate now to offer Scotland a choice over its own future … there is a clear desire that Scotland should not be landed with a Boris Johnson government,” she said.

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    This Is What Alcohol Experts Do To 'Cure' Their Hangovers

    There is no scientific cure for a hangover - there, we said it. But there are people working hard to find one. And with Christmas party season upon us, it's the perfect time to learn their secrets. The Alcohol Hangover Research Group, for example, is made up of a team of professionals around the world with an interest in hangovers: how they impact the body and, more importantly, if we can avoid them. While they can't give us concrete findings to their studies just yet - they're still researching, after all - they, and other alcohol experts, can let us know what they do to avoid them. “We don't know what causes the hangover, so there isn't one universal cure - it's more about treating the symptom,”

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    WATCH: Garda Commissioner says community policing will be at centre of new policing model in Limerick

    THE garda commissioner Drew Harris has confirmed the Limerick division will one of the first in the country to fully implement the new policing model which is being rolled out nationwide. The current district-led model is to be replaced with a divisional model which, it's hoped, will lead to a greater amount of gardai being assigned to front line duties. Briefing members the Limerick Joint Policing Committee, Mr Harris said community policing will be at the centre of the new model once it is rolled out. The implementation process began earlier this week and it's expected the new model will be in place before the end of next year. Mr Harris told members of the JPC the new model, which is based

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    Keeping your eyes in good condition

    The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. They also tell us a lot about how healthy we are. As an acupuncturist I observe my patients' eyes very carefully - how white the eyes are, whether there are any lumps or red veins. They also reveal a lot about our emotions, when we are happy the eyes become bigger and brighter, but when we are sad or worried they look smaller. So what can we do to keep them looking their best? Our eyes, just like many other organs, need certain nutrients to stay healthy. So the foods we eat can make a big difference to our vision. Eating a diet low in saturated and processed fats, while rich in fruits, vegetables and wholegrains not only is good for your heart

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    Boris Johnson has led the Tories to a thumping victory. Here's everything you need to know

    Boris Johnson at his constituency announcement early this morning Boris Johnson at his constituency announcement early this morning BORIS JOHNSON WILL be Prime Minister with a huge Conservative majority and Brexit will almost certainly happen next month. Jeremy Corbyn will not lead Labour into another election after a disastrous defeat. That is the long and the short of it after an exhaustive night of counting and a momentous election for the future of the UK.  There is so much to unpack though, so here's the definitive guide to what you need to know on the morning after the night before.  It's a landslide for Boris Johnson As soon as the exit poll was announced seconds after 10pm, the scale

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    February election on cards after Tory win

    The country is heading for a general election at the end of February following British prime minister Boris Johnson's “stunning victory” which has handed him an 80-seat majority. As EU leaders breathed a collective sigh of relief at Mr Johnson's decisive victory, it is now certain the UK will leave the EU at the end of January, clearing the way for an Irish election on February 28. Five Cabinet ministers, speaking yesterday to the Irish Examiner, made it clear they are now actively working to a February deadline, and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar appeared to move away from his stated preference of a May election. “I've always said that the election, if it's my choice - it may not be my choice but if it is my choice - the election would happen at the right time for the country and that's still not yet,” said Mr Varadkar.