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  • Checkpoint Bingo! Garda pull over driver who has a fake EVERYTHING

    This is taking things a little TOO far... Not that we condone the actions of anyone getting up to illegal stuff, but we also almost wanna commend this guy who decided to fake just about every aspect of his ability to drive. Pulled over at a checkpoint in Carrickmacross in County Monaghan, the driver was promptly arrested for drink driving. However, once they gave his particulars a once over, they discovered that not everything was as it seemed. In fact, nothing was as it seemed. We've covered fakeries before, including the extremely lazy attempts, and the oddities, including whatever was going on here, but this one takes the biscuit. Not only did the driver have a fake driving licence, he had

  • Council chief Anne Donaghy 'tried to force dad to sign over property'

    The chief executive of one of the north’s leading councils is alleged to have confronted her elderly father alongside two of her siblings in a bid to force him to sign over ownership of his property, a court has heard. The claim was made about Mid and East Antrim Chief Executive Anne Donaghy by her father during a court hearing yesterday. Ms Donaghy made no comment when contacted yesterday. John ‘Johnny’ Fee was giving evidence against his son-in-law James Anthony (Tony) McBride (52), of Ballybeg Road, Coalisland, Co Tyrone, who was found guilty of assault and threatening to “put a bullet behind his ear”. A judge at Dungannon Magistrates Court heard the incident was grounded on a family feud

  • Ryanair cancellations: The truth behind why 2,000 flights are due to be scrapped

    Simon Calder · 18 September 2017 5:45 PM As passengers seethed about Ryanair’s industrial-scale cancellations, and social media sizzled with rumours about the airline’s staffing and financial health, getting answers from Europe’s biggest airline has proved unusually difficult. But the picture emerging from a combination of leaked documents, insider accounts and aviation regulations suggests that the airline’s admission “we messed up in the planning of pilot holidays” is an understatement of the problem. At the root of Europe’s worst-ever case of staff shortage are two factors: annual holidays and Flight Time Limitations (FTLs). Short-haul aviation in Europe has very heavily pronounced peaks and

  • TCD scientists discover how ‘natural killer’ cells target cancer

    Scientists at Trinity College, Dublin have worked out how a biological engine that powers cancer-killing cells functions. Crucially, their research highlights how that engine is fuelled and confirms the presence of cholesterol-like molecules act as a “cut-off” switch, making it hard for our “natural killer” (NK) cells in the body to act against cancer. This is particularly so with patients that have cancer and are obese. The scientists, led by Dr David Finlay, assistant professor in immunometabolism at TCD, have published their findings in the journal Nature Immunology. They outline a previously unknown metabolic switch, which is essential for initiating the anti-tumour actions of NK cells. These

  • There was one scene in the new version of IT that even managed to terrify Stephen King

    If you haven't gone to see IT, then you need to rectify that immediately. We were big fans of it here in JOE, and it is obvious that lots of other people thought so, too. The $35 million production has already made over $370 million worldwide after just 10 days in cinemas. In America alone, it is just shy of $219 million, and is aiming at taking The Exorcist's crown of highest grossing R-rated horror movie ($232 million, although admittedly that was back in 1973, so that isn't accounting for inflation), as well as The Sixth Sense's title of highest grossing horror movie ever, when it made $293 million back in 1999. One of the many audience members who went to see it and obviously loved it was

  • Cillian O'Connor's misfortune in All-Ireland finals shows the cruelty of sport

    WITH THE CLOCK reading 75:30 in the replay of last year’s All-Ireland final, Cillian O’Connor stood over a free to level the game. He was situated outside the 21′, and just a few steps away from the sideline hugging the Hogan Stand. It was a difficult position to score from, and after 75 minutes of sustained intensity against Dublin, it was a big ask of the Ballintubber man. He had already converted nine frees throughout the game, and with the six minutes of additional time almost up, he had no choice but to kick for the posts. As he swung his shot toward the Hill 16 goal, the ball began to curl far too early and slipped past the wrong side of the inside post to the chorus of cheers from the

  • Teachers who reject pay deal ‘will not receive salary increases’

    Teachers and other public service groups who reject the new public pay agreement will not receive salary increases set out in the accord, Minister for Public Expenditure Paschal Donohoe has signalled. He said the benefits of the new deal would only be made available to those who were inside the agreement. He said he would make recommendations to the Cabinet in relation to the Government’s stance on unions who reject the deal once all unions had completed balloting on the new accord. Groups who were deemed to have “repudiated” the previous public service deal had financial penalties such as forfeiture of increments imposed by the government. Mr Donohoe said Government representatives would be