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  • If you saw these in Dublin overnight, here's why

    20/09/2017 - 08:54:35Back to Homelessness Ireland Home Dubliners may have been confused as they walked around the city and saw these last night. They may have been forgiven for thinking that the Government had resorted to desperate measures by building miniature homes on the streets of the capital to fix Ireland's housing crisis. However locals would soon have realised, after they were confronted by the mini homes, that instead this was a campaign to raise awareness for homeless children. The #MyNameIs campaign, which was started last month by the charity Inner City Helping Homeless, stepped up a gear last night by displaying images of many of the 3,000 children currently in emergency accommodation

  • Dublin man and three-year-old son drowned in 10 inches of water

    A father and his three-year-old son drowned after becoming trapped in a ditch while using a short-cut into an estate, an inquest heard on Tuesday. Seán Sweeney (36) and his son Tyler Joyce (3) were found dead in 10 inches of water at an unauthorised access point into Ashington Park in Dublin 7 on Easter Sunday, March 27th, 2016. The last footage of the pair captured on CCTV the previous night showed Mr Sweeney staggering and stumbling, with Tyler asleep on his shoulders. Witness Stephen Hughes was among the last to see the father and son alive outside a chipper on Royal Canal Park at 9pm. “I noticed a man walking up the road, stumbling with a kid on his shoulders asleep,” he said. “He was definitely

  • Ireland should be reunited by rejoining the United Kingdom

    The Republic should seriously consider rejoining the United Kingdom and it should be put to the people in a referendum in the light of the connotations of Brexit. British/Irish relations are going to be very tedious and fractious in the post Brexit era.  A united Ireland has only been considered from a Irish point of view, but never once has it been considered that Ireland should be reunited by rejoining the United Kingdom. Why not? A 32-county republic is never going to happen and the closest it has come is an on-the-blink devolution which is going to be replaced by permanent direct rule very soon.  The Republic itself is a failed ex-colonial state which has driven out many generations of people

  • All children on Grenfell Tower missing list identified, coroner says

    All of the children from a list of the missing compiled by police in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster have been formally identified, a coroner has said. Police now believe that the death toll from the June 14 blaze may be slightly less than the previous estimate of around 80. A total of 66 victims have been identified and 60 inquests held so far. Opening and adjourning the latest round of inquests on Wednesday, Westminster coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox said: "It was a huge milestone today to be able to identify all of the children off this (the police) list and although it has taken a long time, 15 weeks, I am satisfied that all of those identities are secure and reliable and I wish to thank

  • Former journalist Martina Purdy and ex-barrister Elaine Kelly to take religious vows this weekend

    TWO women who swapped successful professional careers to embark on religious life will take another major step towards their calling this weekend. Former television journalist Martina Purdy and ex-barrister Elaine Kelly will take their vows on Saturday to become temporary professed sisters, more than three years after joining the Adoration Sisters. Speaking ahead of the ceremony, which will be held at St Peter's Cathedral in west Belfast, Sister Martina and Sister Elaine have described their joy that they will become "brides of Christ". The two women joined the Adoration Sisters, an order of nuns based in the Falls Road within weeks of each other in 2014, both wanting to embark on a life dedicated

  • Parents were told to lock autistic baby in room after diagnosis

    Seamus and Sharon Connolly say there are currently no services dedicated solely for adults with autism in Co Meath and are desperately seeking other parents in the county who have adult children with autism to help drive their campaign. Barry has just turned 28 and presently spends the day with his mum at their home near the village of Ballivor. “Barry was our third child and when he wasn’t speaking at two years of age, he was sent for a range of tests,” she said. “His speech therapist found a booklet on autism and it snowballed after that. “That was more than 25 years ago when no one really knew about autism. We were devastated. We met with a psychologist who told us that our baby would never

  • Nurse of the year Siobhan Rogan prescribes chocolate for breakfast

    1. Up and at it - what is your morning routine? The morning is not my favourite part of the day; I am definitely an owl and aim for essential activities only in the morning - no yoga or morning exercise for me. On weekdays I try to get up between 6.30 and 7am. I do not begin to function until I have a cup of tea. I always greet our dog, Xena, and make a second cup of tea to take with me in the car. 2. What might you eat in a typical working day for... Breakfast? Cup of tea first thing, sometimes porridge and fruit or granola, yoghurt and fruit mid morning. Lunch? This varies - lasagne, quiche, chicken and salad or a bagel from Bagel Bean (they’re fab). I love getting sneaky lunches out when I